What is Coaching?

Coaching is a journey.

A collaborative journey where you work with a coach to find the tools, knowledge, and opportunities you need to take responsibility for your life, embrace change, and become more effective.

Coaching is a process.

A process that allows you to look at your life and ask yourself if you are on track to create the results you want in your life.

Coaching is about solutions and strategies.

You are responsible for taking specific action steps that will unlock your potential to achieve the goals and outcome you desire.

Your coach will help guide you to implement new skills and changes and will assist you to move forward in setting personal and professional goals.

Benefits and results of coaching are…

  • Achieving personal and professional goals faster and with less stress
  • Moving from being “stuck” to moving forward
  • Living your life on purpose
  • Creating visions and goals for the life of your dreams
  • Creating balance between life and work
  • Adapting to change with less stress
  • Making successful transitions in career and life changes
  • Making better business decisions
  • Fully understanding and using your inherent strengths
  • Developing new perspectives and solutions to leadership problems
  • Developing more effective interpersonal communication skills

What happens in the coaching process?

Each coaching client is different, and each client is coached based on his or her expressed needs, goals, and particular pace and style of learning. The coaching process, however, typically has three steps that cover a minimum of four months. These three steps are:

Clarity – During this step the client and coach develop a mutual understanding of the coaching structure, identify how the client would define success in the coaching work and agree on initial goals.

Strategy – During this step the coach and client work collaboratively to create a plan that includes measurable goals, skill development, and effective strategies for change.

Partnering for Results – This step generally consists of weekly coaching sessions that focus on insight, learning, clarification and celebrating success. The coach supports the client in learning to observe and evaluate their own behavior and the impact of their actions, within a framework of an open and honest partnership.