Life Coaching

The Coaching Connection works with a national network of executive coaching leaders engaging in organizational transformation, certifying qualified professionals and creating extraordinary results through powerful coaching partnerships.

Who We Serve Best:

We bring coaching to corporations, businesses, and organizations to help managers, executives, CEOs and owners increase levels of productivity and well-being, enhance potential, retain employees, and create balance in a rapidly changing market.

Examine Your Organization And Ask:

  • How can I turn training initiatives from one-time learning experiences into on-going collaborative learning commitments?
  • How can I help high potentials that are technically oriented develop leadership and teamwork skills?
  • How can I help senior level executives who are in danger of burnout create balance and fulfillment in their lives?
  • How can I facilitate a cultural change in an organization that will ensure collaboration, creativity, and renewed respect for the individual?

Our corporate coaching program can help answer all of the above questions, and teach you and your team leaders the skills they will need to achieve these goals.

Services Offered:

Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development
  • Work-Life Balance

Coaching Skills Training

  • 2-to-3 Day Workshops
  • Coaching For Results – Level I
  • Advance Coaching Intensive Workshop – Level II

Coaching Certification

  • Internal Corporate Certification Program

Your Next Step:

Schedule a conversation with Julie Shows, President of The Coaching Connection, to assess ways to increase productivity and profitability, morale, empowered leadership and retention of executives and employees.